6 Phenomenal Benefits of Choosing Digital Wall Tiles for Your Home

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Digital Wall Tiles - 6 Phenomenal Benefits of Choosing it for Your Home

Digital wall tiles have become the 'darling' for homeowners and architectures in the past few years. As people realize that home is more than just a 'place to live,' they have started spending more bucks on it besides taking a personal interest.

The house wall designs are no longer limited to green or yellow colors. Now there are plenty of ideas available in the market on how to decorate house walls. One such way is using digital wall tiles instead of wall colors. There are many reasons to choose glazed vitrified tiles (GVT) for your home, office, outdoor, or other space. Let us learn about each of its benefits in brief.

A. Versatility

Versatility is one of the prime features of digital wall tiles. The advanced tile printing technology allows transforming regular tiles into an artistic masterpiece that ultimately helps provide a stunning look to your space.

Using tile printing technology, we can design and print anything on the tile surface such as photos, artwork, various surface textures etc.

B. Durability

Digital wall tiles are the best option for wall tiles. Compare to other wall tiles, glazed vitrified tiles offer higher durability. It can withstand higher temperatures and moist weather. These tiles are also prone to wear and tear.

The higher durability of the tiles will not only save you from the frequent hassle of replacement and repairing, but it will also save you from the wastage of your hard-earned money.

C. Aesthetic Appeal

It is not exaggerated to say that digital wall tiles have indeed kickstart an aesthetic revolution in the wall designs industry. Just like floor tiles, you now have multiple design and pattern option in glazed vitrified tiles too.

You can literally create and design numbers of patterns and motifs using these wall tiles. Its sleek and stylish texture will add an aesthetic appeal to every space wherever you use them– from kitchen to bathroom to storage to outdoors.

D. Multiple Finishes

Along with various designs, Digital wall tiles also have multiple finishes. The three key finishes are Gloss, Matt and Silky. Gloss tiles are reflective in nature. It creates a shining, mirror-like layout. The matt tiles are relatively less glossy compared to gloss tiles, though it looks natural and stunning.

On the other hand, a silky finish is mostly used for sophisticated colors such as black, blue, white etc., to add elegance to space.

E. Well Complement With Surrounding

Digital wall tiles go well with almost all kinds of architecture, be it contemporary, modern or traditional. The digital tiles' ability to transform its surface in all kinds of texture and design allows them to complement its surroundings.

Based on the place's interior or exterior, you can plan the glazed vitrified tiles' design and texture to ensure it blends well.

F. Ease of Maintenance

Last but not least, digital wall tiles are easy to maintain. You don't need a special treatment to maintain its shining and durability. Even basic maintenance will do the wonder. Clean it with vinegar added water once a month. Gently use the scrub to remove tough stains.

We hope that this list of benefits has helped you understand why you should always choose digital wall tiles over wall colors or regular wall tiles.


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