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Sparkle Your Space with Exquisite GVT Tiles

Glazed Vitrified Tiles, shortly known as GVT tiles, are widely used for flooring purposes in various structures. Its high durability, aesthetic appeal, easy maintenance and range of styles and designs have made these tiles a primary choice for architectures and homeowners.

But before we cover glazed tiles' advantages, let us first understand what glazed vitrified tiles are.

What are the GVT Tiles?

As the name implies, glazed vitrified tiles are nothing but vitrified tiles that have a glazed coating on its surface. The tiles' glazed surface allows us to print various designs and patterns on the surface and so, to give GVT tiles a unique look. The advantage of printing on the surface is, in fact, the major asset of glazed tiles that distinguish them from other floor tiles.

Along with various designs, we can also print various artworks and surface textures, including wood grain, stone and bamboo on its surface. Earlier, the cost of GVT tiles was higher. But with the innovation of cheap printing technology– the prices have substantially dropped. The affordable prices have further pushed its popularity and made it available for the larger public.

The printing feature also lets Glazed vitrified tiles be used as an alternative to marble and granite flooring. The low water absorption rate and frost resistance of GVT tiles made it possible to utilize them for outdoor constructions such as parking, museum, gardens, showroom etc.

Now let us understand how GVT tiles can help us in improving the appearance of the space.

But before we cover glazed tiles' advantages, let us first understand what glazed vitrified tiles are.

How GVT Tiles Help Enhance The Look of Your Space?

There are various factors associated with the GVT tiles that play a significant role in enhancing the vibe and view of any space. The factors include the range of designs, high durability, low maintenance, and complement power. Let us learn each one in brief.

Infinity Styles

The ability to print literally anything and everything on the GVT tiles empowers us to transform and give it the exact appearance that we want. The printing ability extends its design variants to infinite.

The extensive range of designs, patterns, finishes and colors made these tiles a favored choice for both– the homeowners as well as architects. Besides, the availability of different sizes also inflates its applications further.


The GVT tiles' robustness and strength to withstand weather odds also play a vital role in increasing its popularity. The minimal water absorption rate, the glazed surface and denser raw material together provide them with the toughness that lasts longer than other floor tiles.

Its zero air pocket surface and tiny surface pores made it almost impossible for dust particles to enter inside it or stick.


Complement Capability

The glazed surface and printing feature made it possible for GVT tiles to transform into the variety of forms. Because of this remarkable characteristic, glazed vitrified tiles can easily blend or seamlessly comply with its surrounding.

For example, if you have a maple kitchen design, you can print the wood pattern over the glazed tiles and use it for flooring. Similarly, if your workplace has a white calm wall color, you can buy GVT tiles with the similar design.

Besides these three primary characteristics, glazed vitrified tiles will require limited care and low maintenance.

All these reasons prove that you must buy GVT tiles only when transforming your dull space into a spectacular place.

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