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Sanitary Ware

Many tiles are designed to replicate natural materials like stone or marble. In nature, you will see infinite variation, and that is part of its charm.
Most tiles are now digitally printed to feature the characteristics and vein patterns found in natural materials. As digital print technology
advances, we are producing tiles with unique pattern and less repeat.

Design Philosophy

Many modern tile art designs are based on abstract and pattern-based designs. These are non-representational, unlike than older tile art formats, such as mosaics, which were often portraits or other representational forms of artwork. The design on a piece of tile art may be used as decoration, but may also represent an idea, philosophy or pose a historical, religious or social significance.

An example of such non-representational art is a set of tiles integrated into an interior or exterior design. The design of the tile art is often based on the theme of the surrounding design. As tiles are built into the surrounding, they can be installed seamlessly integrated into the surrounding area.


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